First reviews in for the Anadarko casebook

They are glowing and so are we! We couldn’t be more pleased with how our first month has gone and all the brilliant reactions to our first casebook, Anadarko.

Over at The Escape Room-er, Marie has classified Anadarko as “Thrilling” and our Etsy reviews are incredibly enthusiastic.

We’ve had such a brilliant response to Anadarko and it’s been more successful than either of us could have hoped. We’re already working on our next box and will be sharing bits and bobs as we go.

Thank you so much for supporting our brand new and tiny family business. All the feedback means the world to us.

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Casebook 1 is live!

Our first original murder mystery casebook, ANADARKO, is now live on our Etsy shop!

6 months in the making, we worked hard to provide this mystery with twists and turns that will challenge and surprise even the best detectives.

This is a complete, self-contained mystery, so everything you need to catch the killer is provided. There’s no waiting around for extra deliveries. You can slowly and methodically examine and re-examine every piece of evidence of the course of a week or two, or you can stay up all night and binge-solve until bleary-eyed and victorious.

We would love to see your murder boards on Instagram or Twitter. We’re excited for justice to be done!

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The Anadarko Casebook will also be available on Amazon soon.

Good luck, Sleuths!

Casebook #1 is Coming Soon

Our first completely original mystery is nearly ready to ship and we couldn’t be more excited. It concerns a series of murders and the evidence presented to you will include interview transcripts, crime scene photographs (nothing violent), coded correspondence, maps, witness testimonies, and more.

The setting is the small town of Anadarko, Oklahoma, and you’ll be tasked with identifying the killer after the case has long-since gone cold.

Anadarko was chosen as the setting because, aside from having a brilliant name and a lot of history, it is the birthplace of one of our favourite crime writers, Jim Thompson. Known as the “dime-store Dostoevsky” for his mastery of brutal pulp fiction in the 1950s, his work includes classics such as The Getaway, The Killer Inside Me, and The Grifters, all of which have been made into Hollywood films.

This first casebook features some of his trademark twists and turns and we hope you’ll love it.

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Introducing Curio Casebooks

Hello! We are a brand new venture, created and run by a husband and wife team from Durham, England. We also have a beautiful little daughter, but, frankly, she doesn’t contribute a great deal to the production process besides blowing raspberries and getting biscuit crumbs on our notes.

The idea behind Curio Casebooks is to offer complete, one-off mysteries which can be played alone or with others. You get all the evidence you need to solve the case, a little notebook to write down your workings out, and even a little FBI badge with your smiling face on it, just as a confidence boost.

Jo and I absolutely adore twisty true crime documentaries and have lost many an evening to Cold Case Files, so we wanted to recreate that feeling of finding the truth buried under a mountain of potential evidence by presenting an entire case’s worth of documents to really let you dig in and make the murder board of your dreams.

We may try our hand at a subscription-based mystery in the future, but we love the idea of having a complete mystery in a single package. There’s no waiting around for extra clues. Everything you need to solve the mystery is right in front of you. You can take your time and spread it out over a few weeks or you can dive in for an entire evening and stay up until 3 a.m. until you find the killer.

We’re hard at work on our first mystery and have more in the pipeline. We hope you’re as excited about this kind of thing as we are!

– Martin