First reviews in for the Anadarko casebook

They are glowing and so are we! We couldn’t be more pleased with how our first month has gone and all the brilliant reactions to our first casebook, Anadarko. Over at The Escape Room-er, Marie has classified Anadarko as “Thrilling” and our Etsy reviews are incredibly enthusiastic. We’ve had such a brilliant response to AnadarkoContinue reading “First reviews in for the Anadarko casebook”

Introducing Curio Casebooks

Hello! We are a brand new venture, created and run by a husband and wife team from Durham, England. We also have a beautiful little daughter, but, frankly, she doesn’t contribute a great deal to the production process besides blowing raspberries and getting biscuit crumbs on our notes. The idea behind Curio Casebooks is toContinue reading “Introducing Curio Casebooks”