Casebook #1 is Coming Soon

Our first completely original mystery is nearly ready to ship and we couldn’t be more excited. It concerns a series of murders and the evidence presented to you will include interview transcripts, crime scene photographs (nothing violent), coded correspondence, maps, witness testimonies, and more.

The setting is the small town of Anadarko, Oklahoma, and you’ll be tasked with identifying the killer after the case has long-since gone cold.

Anadarko was chosen as the setting because, aside from having a brilliant name and a lot of history, it is the birthplace of one of our favourite crime writers, Jim Thompson. Known as the “dime-store Dostoevsky” for his mastery of brutal pulp fiction in the 1950s, his work includes classics such as The Getaway, The Killer Inside Me, and The Grifters, all of which have been made into Hollywood films.

This first casebook features some of his trademark twists and turns and we hope you’ll love it.

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