Casebook 1 is live!

Our first original murder mystery casebook, ANADARKO, is now live on our Etsy shop!

6 months in the making, we worked hard to provide this mystery with twists and turns that will challenge and surprise even the best detectives.

This is a complete, self-contained mystery, so everything you need to catch the killer is provided. There’s no waiting around for extra deliveries. You can slowly and methodically examine and re-examine every piece of evidence of the course of a week or two, or you can stay up all night and binge-solve until bleary-eyed and victorious.

We would love to see your murder boards on Instagram or Twitter. We’re excited for justice to be done!

Go to our Etsy store for more information.

The Anadarko Casebook will also be available on Amazon soon.

Good luck, Sleuths!

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